• 自動通知隊友任務進度
  • 自動追蹤任務
  • 完成任務自動清除於任務追蹤視窗
  • 在任務日誌和任務跟蹤上增加任務等級顯示
所以凡使用FastQuest-Classic, 則無需再裝Quest-Level


  • 開或關 - 自動通知隊友, 你的任務進度
/fq notifyparty
  • 開或關 - 自動通知公會的其他人, 你的任務進度
/fq notifyguild
  • 開或關 - 自動通知團隊的其他人, 你的任務進度
/fq notifyraid
  • Toggle automatic notification for non-party channel.
/fq notifynearby
  • Toggle automatic addition of changed quests to QuestTracker.
/fq autoadd         
  • Toggle automatic completion of quests when turning them in. (You will not see the quest completion information from NPC.)
/fq autocomplete
  • Toggle automatic notification of party members.
/fq autonotify
  • 清空任務追蹤
/fq clear 
  • Toggle colorful quest title in QuestTracker window.
/fq color
  • Toggle quest notification in brief or in detail.
/fq detail 
  • Toggle quest notification output format.
/fq format 
  • Locks/Unlocks quest tracker window.
/fq lock(unlock)
  • Toggle quest's suggested to go with group info to be displayed or not.
/fq memberinfo
  • Toggle automatic notification of the new zone you discovered.
/fq notifydiscover
  • Toggle automatic notification of experience gained from a quest.
/fq notifyexp 
  • Notify the level-up information
/fq notifylevelup
  • Toggle dragging of quest tracker, you must reload UI to apply.
/fq nodrag 
  • 開或關 - 選項設定
/fq options
  • Resets QuestTracker window's position
/fq reset
  • Display all the FastQuest Classic configuration status.
/fq status
  • Toggle display of quest tags (elite, raid, etc)
/fq tag